A Bracelet For The Outdoors Badass!

If you are a true adventure enthusiast, you will agree that life in the outdoors is no fashion show, but there is a modish bracelet out there that will be seen wrapped around the hands of experienced outdoors-men like Bear Grylls. This bracelet not only looks good, but makes you theĀ outdoors ultimate badass and could also save lives!

Get one of these babies and be a true outdoors badass!

What are we talking about? The multi-functional Paracord bracelets! We have all probably seen these bracelets as they have now become mainstream, with many people sporting them. Most people wear paracord bracelets as a fashion statement. What I need you to know is that these bracelets are not only swanky, but also very handy in instances of having to survive in the wild!

These bracelets are crafted from 3 to 6 meters of the same nylon cord that has been used as suspension lines in parachutes since World War II!

These survival bracelets have proven to be an essential item for any badass adventurer. šŸ™‚

Check out some of the outdoor uses of these 5 in 1 gadgets;

The truth is that a majority of those who wear paracord bracelets will most likely never deploy them in a true survival situation, but as we always say while in the wild; it is better to be ready than sorry! So what is the ā€œsurvivalā€ part of a 5 in 1 paracord bracelet?

1. Get Your Direction Right!Ā Are you going out to hike a new trail? It is definitely important to have your directions right. These bracelets come with an in-builtĀ Military Grade Embedded Compass for precise orientation. To serve you best in the rough of the wild, the compass is abrasion resistant and waterproof!

2. Make A Distress Call!Ā Many dangers lurk in the outdoors and any adventurer should be able to make a distress call whenever caught up in a dangerous situation. In the event of an immobilizing injury, or when lost in the wild, there is no need to sit on a rock and cry. Be an outdoors badass and use the survival bracelet whistle! Blow three loud blasts in quick succession to alert those around you that you need some help. This badass whistle can be heard miles away!

3. Keep Warm or Roast Some Prey!Ā Whenever out in the wild, a fire is one of the most important things to have. Simply put, no campsite will be a campsite without a fire. Whether it is a fire to keep warm, ward off wild animals or send a smoke signal, how about you be an adventure badass and make it using the fire steel and fire striker that comes with your 5 in 1 survival bracelet?

4. Cut Through It!Ā Ever held a tin of beef or sardines in your hand ready to eat after a long hike, only to realize that you forgot the tin cutter right on your bed as you packed? The 5 in 1 survival bracelet will save you from hurtling back to the stone age as it comes with a neat mini-saw or cutter, and you would not need to bludgeon your tin with a rock to access it’s contents! The stainless steel mini knife is zigzag shaped and sharp enough to cut through ropes as well. You can swim or shower with it as it is rust resistant!

The stainless mini knife tucks away neatly into the buckle of the survival bracelet. The compass is set right on top of it for easy access

5. Rope It Up!Ā The main component of a 5in 1 survival bracelet is the 2 to 6 meters paracord. This is a badass rope made of several clusters of nylon fibers which makes it rot and mildew resistant! It is known to hold weight as high as 250kg without snapping, which is the reason it is used in parachutes as it can withstand the force exerted when they launch.

An outdoors badass backpack made from paracord, sticks and a raincoat!

Once the paracord in the bracelet is unraveled, one’s imagination is the only limit to the number of uses it has! Adventurers can use this cord for hacks as simple as replacing a broken boot lace, to building traps for prey if lost and in dire need for food.

Stay on Higher Ground

Adventurers can use this cord for hacks as simple as replacing a broken boot lace

Other uses of the paracord include;

  • Making a shelter – This taut rope can be used to hold together branches while putting up a make-shift shelter to survive a cold night in the wild.
  • Making splint for a broken limb – If you or one of your fellow adventurers breaks a limb while in the outdoors, a paracord can be wrapped around two pieces of wood, to hold the injured limb together until you get to a health facility for specialized care.
  • Use the inner strands as fishing line – One can tear the outer covering of the paracord and pull out single nylon strands which can be tied to a tensile stick or rod to build a fishing rod!
  • Making a perimeter trip line for warning –Ā Paracord can be tied around a selected campsite to act as a ā€˜fenceā€™ to keep off intruders as well as act an alarm system should anyone or anything opt to trespass.

Get one of these babies and be a true outdoors badass!

Christmas is around the corner, so if your boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, mum or dad is an adventurer, how about you make them a badass adventurer by ordering one of these natty bracelets for them? You can also get cool with your own paracord bracelet and be well on your way to conquering the outdoors!

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