Of Speed On Water..

DSC01979I recently had the pleasure of enjoying great speed on the Indian Ocean courtesy of some high powered jet-skis at the Kenyan North Coast of Mombasa!

For a minimal fee (Ksh. 3,300.00), I hired a jet-ski for two at the Yul’s Aquadrom for a period of 20min. They have the biggest jet-skis in this side of the coast and that always draws me back every time I am in the coast. We were welcomed by their very able and pleasant staff whom I have met here since they year 2010 when I first indulged in this high adrenaline sport.

The Captain took us through the routine safety instructions, tagged our hands to the ‘beasts’, we set our engine in motion and off we sped into the vast ocean. The jet-skis tear away through the water with a bellowing roar from their engines that will send a shudder through any high adrenaline junkie!



The Captain who rides the head jet-ski directed us out into the ocean and pointed out in two different directions. The idea is to ride out to a buoy that marks the point at which you shouldn’t pass (for safety reasons – they say) and turn to ride to the other buoy which is about 800m away. The wide expanse of the ocean between the buoys and the shallows was ours for the speeding!





The jet-skis hit very high speeds and at times one feels as if the only part touching the water is the tip of the beast’s hind! Sometimes one also hits a harsh wave which splashes salty water water into one’s face and eyes. I would highly recommend riding with swimming goggles on.

Safe Rider

Safe Rider

Of note are the safety instructions which are very simple;

– Avoid other boats and swimmers while out in the ocean

– Do not ride past the buoys marking the 800m stretch

– Have fun, and if you can’t hold it, scream out loud! 🙂

This was one awesome experience! You should try it when down at the Kenyan Coast!

Yul's Aquadrom

Yul’s Aquadrom

Note: Yul’s also has a restaurant, a bar, an ice-cream palour and a hair salon when one can relax and enjoy the beach breeze before or after the jet-ski adventure, or just to pass time. On some weekends, Yul’s also hosts party nights where revellers dance the night away on the beach underneath the stars!